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Plastic Bag Pollution- What You Need to See and Hear

Each year, about 4 to 5 trillion plastic bags are produced worldwide; and in the US 100 billion single-use plastic bags are discarded each year. Plastic bags are both difficult and costly to recycle. So why make them?  Most plastic bags end up in landfills where they take 300 years to break down into tiny toxic particles that contaminate the soil, waterways and enter the worldwide food web. 

70% of the Earth’s oxygen comes from marine life alone. It’s extremely important now, more than ever, for us all to ensure that marine ecosystems are not disrupted by our everyday practices and habits.

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A symbiotic relationship goes a long way. The infamous clownfish is a coastal creature. Once born, a clownfish heads out to find a new home, a sea anemone. Once settled into their new home, a clownfish will stay there it’s entire life. Cute little clownfish are not well adapted to swim long-distances, so they become extremely territorial. Clownfish and their co-existence with anemones forms an important symbiotic relationship: the anemone’s give the clownfish protection from predators with numerous stinging tentacles, while the clownfish dishes out it’s own fish fertilizer to feed the anemone. These feisty fish can live up to thirty years in the right conditions. So take care of an anemone near you!  Find a friend who you can have a symbiotic relationship with.

White Tip Reef Sharks and Whale Sharks

WHITE TIP REEF SHARKS: One of the most commonly found reef sharks, white tip reef sharks are easily recognized by their white tipped dorsal and caudal fins.  Usually found resting on the ocean bottoms by scuba divers during the day, they are nocturnal and therefore hunt at night.  White tips reef sharks are one of several unique species that can actually stay put on the seafloor, while their gills do extra work to pull water through its mouth to oxygenate it’s blood.  White tip reef sharks are a bit more reserved than their feeding frenzy cousins, the grey and blacktip reef sharks.  A good sign of a healthy reef is the presence of reef sharks.  So just say no to shark fin soup!


WHALE SHARKS: The largest shark on the planet is the whale shark.  Much like large whales, the whale shark is a filter feeder meaning it feeds on plankton and small fish.  With it’s large mouth it must constantly feed in order to sustain it’s enormous body.  Whale sharks serve a very important purpose not only in the marine food web, but also for scientific research.  Whale sharks serve as key indicators of the health status of the worldwide plankton population.  The whale shark is globally considered an endangered species, and is still targeted by fisheries in many countries for it’s meat, skins, fins, oil and fins.  So just say no to shark fin soup!



Ever since Peter Benchley published Jaws in 1974, the world has associated sharks with fear, chaos and death. Benchley himself even adopted a marine conservation effort as a countermeasure against the unintended consequences the book has had on society, up until his untimely death. Each year the Discovery Channel airs several sensationalized shark programs during Shark Week that misrepresent sharks entirely, labeling them as human killers.

It's quite the opposite, in fact; humans are responsible for killing over 100 million sharks per year! And that number is speculated to be much higher - up to 275 million shark deaths per year by human efforts. With the global human population approaching 8 billion, sharks are responsible for merely four human fatalities every year, on average. This pales in comparison, so who is really the victim here? Still to this day and around the world, communities with shark attack victims will rally against the shark and form spontaneous shark hunting expeditions where hundreds of innocent sharks are killed.

Ironically, many shark attack survivors form a special bond and respect for their attackers, and continue to enjoy the same water activities they did before such as swimming, surfing and scuba diving. Many infamous shark attack survivors have even become strong shark conservationists like Bethany Hamilton, Mike Coots, Rodney Fox, and Paul de Gelder.

Sharks play such a vital role on this planet, and it's about time you learned more...

sea creatures

Sea creatures play extremely important roles that help support the very existence of all life on Earth. Most of Earth's oxygen comes from marine life alone: phytoplankton and seaweed. The ocean is synonymous with symbiotic relationships among marine animals and plant life. Humans must understand what it means to be symbiotic with other animals, plant species and ecosystems. As humans, we need to understand how many of our daily routine actions on land, and consuming some of our favorite products can negatively impact marine life, and as a result hurt our own environment and negatively affect all life on Earth.

There are solutions out there: different diets, behaviors, and simply just more awareness; like knowing that conserving water and electricity can put less strain on coral reefs. Solutions can be as simple as turning off a light switch that is in a room not being used or turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. And some other costly solutions such as putting a solar system on your roof or trading in the minivan for a down payment on an electric car. But it doesn't stop there. Think outside the box: compost your kitchen scraps instead of buying fertilizer, or try vertical gardening. Many grocery stores are paid by the plastic industry to provide collection bins for plastic bags near store entrances, free of charge. This is a much better practice than throwing the plastic bags away, only for them to find their way in our oceans.

Exploring more of a plant-based diet will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and will help to reduce the demand for seafoods. It's not an all or nothing effort: try out one plant based meal every day. You'll be doing your fellow sea creatures and your friends a favor by also understanding what sea creatures on the menu are sustainably caught, and which are not.

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dub music

ONE LOVE. We could have chosen rap music, rock music, classical, country music or alternative, but we just love dub-reggae music. Dub-reggae music has an island vibe with an instrumental mindfulness that teleport's listeners to the water's edge. We believe dub-reggae music is the ideal medium that this message of "marine life awareness" can be broadcast, absorbed and cherished in a cross-generational mentorship program style. Dub Shark's collaboration with real reggae bands brings an important environmental-friendly consciousness to audiences.

Dub Shark's primary existence is to create educational music videos for children focusing on the subject of marine biology. We believe it is ever-so important now to teach children about marine biology from the youngest ages. We are not talking about more Baby Shark videos. Dub Shark's goal is to release the most up-to-date factual information on marine biology for every new video production. When children are taught the importance of marine animals and ecosystems at a young age, they will grow up to be responsible adults and be better equipped to make an impact to solve our world's pollution problems.

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Great Hammerhead Shark
Great Hammerhead Shark

- Musicians & Bands -

Dub Shark is champing at the bit to get to work on your next music video project!  Would you like Dub Shark to produce a video with a Dub Shark character collaboration using your music!?  If you want to reach and connect with a younger, growing audience on a genuine, environmentally conscious video program Dub Shark has the hooks in.  Dub Shark will do all the work for you – it is totally hands off!  It’s as easy as sending Dub Shark a music file.  Dub Shark also promises quick turnaround time on video releases.  Let Dub Shark circle in on you by dropping him a line…

Dub Shark Presents:

 “Avocado Dub” by Cali Conscious

- Brands -

Want to put socially responsible themes at the forefront of your business marketing plan, or for your next advertisement?  You’ll be making a smart move letting your target audience know that your company is heading in the right direction towards environmentally sound practices, integrating better solutions with your products, migrating to zero-waste projects, a zero carbon footprint business model, or any other highlighted sustainable practices.  The ocean is a vast place and full of eco-friendly opportunities for businesses to start a project big or small – and let your customers know what good you are doing their planet.  Let Dub Shark circle in on your brand and drop him a line…

Whale Shark
Whale Shark

Underwater Photographers & Videographers

Are you a scuba diver with footage of underwater creatures? Endangered reef corals? Nudibranchs? Sharks!? Great whites? Manta rays? You name it? I would like to get my dub-shark pectoral fins on your underwater footage to create educational music videos for children! Your donation of your underwater footage will be greatly valued by the children across the world when repurposed into our educational content programs. Your footage, provided it is royalty-free, will help sponsor the creation of free, quality educational material for children around the world! You will be credited by all means possible on each social media platform so that you can grow your followers and expand your own networks. Let Dub Shark circle in on you by dropping him a line…

Sand Tiger Shark
Sand Tiger Shark

Educators, Oceanographers

Are you a teacher that has a passion for marine biology?  Look no further!  Connect with a much larger audience than the classroom that has a true passion for learning.  Grow your followers through our programs.  Have a topic you are just dying to talk to the world about?  Or have something totally unique to teach us which is unfathomable by most adults and children?  Want to help save the world by sharing your outside-the-box solutions to the world’s pollution problems?  Your knowledge and voice is greatly needed in this world right now, more than ever before! Let Dub Shark circle in on you by dropping him a line…

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program helps consumers and businesses make healthier choices for themselves and to also make healthier choices for their local oceans.
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